Slingshot your career in healthcare, dentistry, medicine, and life science research.

Connect 1-on-1 With an Achiever🌙🌌

Connect with someone who has achieved amazing opportunities throughout their career. Medical school, competitive placements, alternative income opportunities, successful graduation -they've accomplished it and they'd like to share their story and secrets.

The journey ahead has been travelled before..

An achiever has been in your shoes before and have trekked to the top of their mountain. Along the way they had guides that helped them reach the heights that they did and now they are here to assist you.

.. the paths are shared by achievers that travelled then and now ..

Two achievers may not have the exact same journey but there are paths that they will both share the experience of travelling across.

.. so connect with a guide who has reached the destination.

At Klub, we introduce a world where achievers with knowledge, understanding, and experience can mentor those that have set similar goals that they have achieved.

Why use life science graduate mentors?

Maximize Options

You can have the opportunity to connect with someone who has made it to graduate school and discovered opportunities to make money in alternative domains while doing so.

Illuminate the Roadmap

A conversation from an achiever who’s done it before can save weeks of unproductive wandering, improve the career strategy, and inspire in a direct, personal way to push forward.

Avoid burnout

You have a goal of better understanding a topic in your field. Get guidance from someone who's already passed the hill so that you can learn how to learn efficiently.

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Sign up and share your career goals.

Step 2

We will introduce you to compatible mentors that are similar in personality and have accomplished the same goals.

Step 3

Select a mentor to meet with and book a slot on their calendar.

Step 4

Perform the initial introductory video call with them and ignite the new relationship.

Our Story

Klub was created on knowing that there is incredible value in human experience. Hence, we aspired for a new kind of association. We wanted to created a place that allows goal-minded individuals to seek out people who can help slingshot them towards their next checkpoint. And we know that once someone achieves a monumental goal they are able to pass their knowledge on and share it with someone else in pursuit of that goal. We feel that we are still very early in the untapped potential of exponential human collaboration.

Find your most meaningful mentor now.

I met my greatest teachers on Klub and they gave me the guidance and inspiration that I did not know existed. I am incredibly grateful to the people I met on Klub.

Marie-Antoinette Jung

Klub is amazing!!! I met my mentor Theresa on Klub and she helped paved the way for me to get into my neurology residency at U of T!

Carol-Lynn Stark

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This might be the first time that you have ever reached out to find a mentor! We're here to make this process the most meaningful action you can take in your career. Here are the list of the most common questions people ask themselves when they get started on Klub.

How do I find the mentor that will most benefit me?

Klub will qualify each mentor to ensure that they have the capability to deliver the best insight to mentees given what they have accomplished. Then Klub will review mentee submissions as they come in and alert mentees with mentors that can provide the best mentorship given their goals and background.

How soon will I get connected to my mentor?

Once you submit a mentorship application form, Klub will review it within 24 hours. Once you have been accepted as a mentee Klub will start sending mentorship opportunities right away. You will have access to the mentor's calendars and you can book the next available slot on their calendar.

How much does a mentor cost?

Mentors will set their own rates but on average mentors may charge a rate of $35/ half-hour in CAD.

What if my mentor wasn't helpful?

Not all connections can provide the best actionable steps forward. By sending us an email of an unhelpful connection we can set you up for a more meaningful one free of charge.

Do I have to pay for every session?

That is all depending on the mentor. Some mentors may not charge for their mentorship sessions however most will charge a rate.

How long are mentorship sessions?

Mentorship sessions run in 15, 30, and 60 minute slots.