We help nursing students land in Canada's best hospitals.

We connect you to nurses who have started successful careers in the medical field.

Connect 1-on-1 with them to learn how they started their career in medicine to learn how to shortcut your journey in starting yours.

People who sign up for beta access can start receiving 1-on-1 instructional mentorship right away.

Klub is the place that seekers come to, to prepare for the most important application of their life.

Klub connects seekers with top guides in the medical and healthcare field.

Join the Klub to get into the best mental shape ever by learning how the top people got into their field and get feedback directly from them.

When you’re moving
on up!

How would getting your dream role change your life?

Klub Connect

Klub will be available as a web, iOS, and Android app where Seekers can book a slot with a Guide who currently works in the field to mentor and guide them through a job or role preparation journey.

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We recommend profiles of people that have the same or similar jobs to allow you to connect with them 1-on-1.

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Book and pay for an available slot on their calendar.


Connect over a video call and share your journey with your guide.
Klub is where career-driven people come to connect with other like-minded individuals to maximize the preparation of the biggest opportunity of their lives.

When getting the job means everything.
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Beta Access Coming Fall 2022

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